1) How many tiles in a box?
 Please see this information in  the Price list 

2) What sq metreage does a box cover?
The price list gives you this information.
This also depends on the tiles dimensions 

3)Where can I find the information on the tiles that I need to buy to replacement? 
Normally there is a code on rear of tile, failing that, a brief description or photo sent to us and we can normally identify. Please view our images online this should help you.

4)Are all makes of tile fire proof? If not what makes are fire proof?
No but all are Euro class 1 or 0. 

 5) Are all makes of tile sound proof? if not what makes are sound proof?
 No, but all tiles have an absorbency or will stop attenuation (noise room to room if there is a void above). 

6) Can I get a volume discount? How many boxes do I need to buy?
Yes, this may depend on the tile . 

7) Can I buy fixings? How many fixings do I need per tile?
Yes but fixings aren't for tiles, they are  for the grid that the tiles sit in. 

8) What brand are the cheapest most common tiles
Armstrong Tatra square edge are the  cheapest but NOT most common. These would be Dune tiles! 

9) What brand are the most expensive tiles?
SAS metal pan, which are specialist and cost considerably more.

10) Why are they expensive? 
This is because they are Metal!  Some  high attenuation properties can be expensive like a tile called Combison (Ecophon) and those are glass wool and plasterboard. Very heavy and needs to be fitted into special grid.